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Six Steps to Sanity

Six Steps to Sanity is a faith based self-help support group for the parents, grandparents, or stepparent of an active addict. It is based on the book Setting Boundaries With Your Adult Children , written by Allison Bottke.  She is a veteran of the chaos, crisis, and never ending series of dramas that put the lives of parents in daily anguish. She knows how it feels to be a parent in pain.  She has constructively dealt with having an adult child out of control, who is tearing the family apart and breaking everyone’s heart.   Her book outlines a series of steps to empower parents to take back their lives. The book can be used as a standalone tool for the parents and loved ones of an active addict. There is also a workbook and leader’s guide that can be used if a parish chooses to create a support group. Additionally, within the next few weeks, there is going to be an online support group called Sanity Support Group Network.  Shown below are some very helpful links offering hope, help, and encouragement to the parents and loved ones of an active addict.




 Six Steps to Sanity

Stop enabling, blaming yourself and the
   flow of money

Assemble a support group

Nip excuses in the bud

Implement rules and boundaries

Trust your instincts

Yield everything to God